Anubis Gate

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '05
Label: Locomotive Records
Style: Heavy Metal

A Perfect Forever

People, who know and like the first album from Anubis Gate can pick this one up without any hesitation, because this Danish band picks up where "Purification" left us in 2004. Old school inspired heavy metal, with a splash of new progressive metal. Once more under the guidance of Jacob Hansen and Kim Olesen, the album has a crystal clear sound and most of 10 tracks reach level of the first album.

Most impressive is once more the guitar work, the addition of a second guitar player has really helped on their overall sound. Kim Olesen did take part on the first album with some leads, but the sound is so much more thick and fresh with him on-board. Torben Askholm has made big steps forward and I really dig his vocals on this album - a lot of people had troubles with his voice on the first album - and the choruses on this album sound so much better. The rest of the band does a cool job, and the keyboards are kept to a minimum and fit the music great...

The album might not be as good as their first one, but it's still an album worth checking out! The artwork is awesome - but who would expect nothing less, when the artist is Mattias Norén?

Recommended tracks: "Future without Past", "Children of the Pauper King" & "A Perfect Forever"