Allen / Lande

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '05
Label - Frontiers Records
Style - Melodic Metal

The Battle

When you put 2 of the arguably best metal vocalist together in one band, expectations are bound to be high! The two monster vocalists Russell Allen (Symphony X, Star One etc.) and Jorn Lande (Ark, Beyond Twilight, Masterplan) have joint forces on "The Battle", and the result is one the best melodic metal albums this year, if not the best.

But the mastermind behind this cool project is Swedish guitar sensation Magnus Karlsson (Last Tribe & Starbreaker), who has written all the songs, and is playing guitars, bass and keyboards on the album. To complete the line-up we have Jaime Salazar (ex-The Flower Kings) on bass. 

The battle between these two excellent vocalists spans over 12 excellent melodic metal songs, wonderfully produced by another icon on the Scandinavian metal scene: Anders "Theo" Theander (Pain of Salvation, Last Tribe etc.). The outcome is one the best melodic metal albums in a very long time.

12 strong melodic metal songs, 2 brilliant vocalists, and very good production, excellent guitar work - what more can you ask for...? Not much if you ask me...

Ohh yeah the cover artwork has been done by Rodney Matthews, who is famous for maybe the coolest album cover ever: Magnum's "On a Storyteller's Night". This one fits the title perfectly!

Recommended tracks: "The Battle ", "Come Alive", "My Own Way Home" & "Where Have The Angels Gone".