Age of Nemesis
Release date: January 30th 2006
Magna Carta / Mascot Records
Target Distribution
Progressive Metal
Rating: 78/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
December '05

New record label, slightly different name, same musical direction. Age of Nemesis is back with their second "English" album; their first one "Eden?" was released under the name Nemesis on the Sensory label back in 2002.

"Psychogeist" is a step in the right direction for Age of Nemesis - complex heavy keyboard driven progressive metal songs, which should appeal to most progressive metal fans. The first 6 songs are related to the same concept - a concept based on a psycho-thriller story called: "The Psychogeist Story".

People, who have heard the first "English" album from Age of Nemesis - like myself - will discover a more mature, diverse and complete band showing that progressive metal made in Hungary is quite a treat...

The few marginal flaws, which the first "English" album surely had have all been erased, and I am sure this intriguing album will make some noise in the progressive metal community... do give it a chance!

Recommended: "Grey Room", "Psychogeist", "Breaking Away" & "Abraxas".