After Forever

Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - Transmission Records
Style - Symphonic Metal


This has to be one of the biggest disappointments so far this year. Sure Floor Jansen continues to impress with her wonderful voice, and Sander Gommans' growling and grunts gives their sound a nice contrast to her. They continue with their trusted sound people know from their earlier albums, and the whole band delivers a solid performance on this album. And the production is also good, so all the basics are in place for After Forever.

But most the songs simply don't ignite; most of them are decent and mediocre, only a few of them are OK - "Come" and "Free of Doubt" - and one song shows just how great it could have been... "Only Everything" is an excellent display of intelligent, well played music. Next please...

Recommended tracks: Only "Only Everything" stands out...