Broken History
Release date: September 11th 2005
Underground Symphony
Provided by:
Progressive / Epic Metal
Rating: 98/100
Reviewed by:
Jřrgen Ditlev
November '05

17 years after their first legendary album “Irae Melanox”, Adramelch strikes back with a new album called “Broken History”. At first I was a bit skeptical with “Broken History”; after all it’s not every day we see a get out of the shadows of such a great album as “Irae Melanox” with success.

But after numerous spins in my CD-Player “Broken History” started to open up to me, Adramelch has this strange approach to their music; sometimes they are totally progressive, and then seconds after it’s straightforward metal or acoustic guitars, and then back to the progressive stuff again.

Like I wrote before it takes a few spins before the music really sinks in, but when you get there “Broken History” will be in your CD-Player for several days. It’s really difficult to pick out some of the songs on “Broken History”, because the quality of the entire album is so high, that you can’t pick out one song and say that this is the best track.

And to top it all we are treated with a great production and an awesome cover artwork. All of this leaves us with only one possibility BUY.  

Recommended tracks: The entire album.