Alice Cooper

Rating: 86/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '05
Label – Spitfire Records
Style – 70’s Rock & Hard Rock

Dirty Diamonds

The “Shock Rock Master” himself is back with a brand new album called “Dirty Diamonds”, and it’s a great one if you ask me! Alice Cooper has been around for ages, and he’s still doing fine!

If you expect “Dirty Diamonds” to be in the same vein of his last 3 albums you are in for a surprise. The sound and production is very, very 70’s. And it fits his new songs perfect. We are treated with 13 songs. One of them is a bonus track called “Stand”… and this track is pure crap. It’s a Rap-song… - I HATE RAP… - Crap.

However most of the other songs here are great. My favourite tracks could very well be the hard rocking title-track, “Dirty Diamonds” and the heavy and very groovy “Run Down The devil”. Only 2 songs... If we forget the crappy bonus-track… is not above average. I’m talking about track 10 “Six Hours” and track 12 “Zombie Dance”, the rest of the songs are very good.

So if you are into 70’s Rock and Hard Rock… buy this album! – I don’t think you go wrong here.

Recommended tracks: “Dirty Diamonds” “Run down the Devil”, “Steel That Car” and “Your Own Worst Enemy”.