Ynis Vitrin
A Dark Land
Origin: Brazil
Self produced
Progressive Metal
Rating: 82/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November '05

Ynis Vitrin hails from Brazil, and "A Dark Land" is their debut demo CD. And as it turns out, a very impressive start for this young promising band. The band started back in 1999 and after a few line-up and name changes, they finally decided on the name Ynis Vitrin and over the last couple of years they have been recording the songs for this their debut album.

Influenced by old school metal bands like Iron Maiden, Queensr˙che & Rush, along with more recent stuff like Angra, Symphony X and Blind Guardian, they offer us almost 70 minutes worth of music here. Iron Maiden is ever present in their songs, without ever ripping them off... but with the addition of some really cool keyboards they do distance themselves from them.

This demo is impressive in every aspect, great song writing, very skilful musicians, a good production for a demo CD, a good vocalist - no "signs" of a bad accent here - and some excellent guitar riffs and leads. I really hope some label picks up on this, because this is one the best demo CD's I've heard this year.

So if you like good progressive metal with its strong roots in classic heavy metal, then I suggest you check this promising band out...

Recommended tracks: “Shattered Days”, "Cry”, “Awake” & "Crossfire"