Welcome to the War
Style: Heavy Me(n)tal
Release date: Fall 2007

From the depths of the Danish metal underground comes a new and rather eccentric trio, which labels themselves as very heavy mental. XCentrik has a style of their own; with the roots solidity planted in dark and heavy metal.

The three first words that come to mind were: simple, intense and dynamic. Those three words pretty much summarizes the experience they take us on, on this their debut release. Produced and recorded in their own studio, we are served with a good sound for a self-produced and released album.

They do surely have a vision with their style, and I applaud them for sticking to their beliefs and writing 9 very unique sounding songs that all represents their universe very well. But not at any point can I say the album sparks or gets interesting - it simply flows into boredom and mediocrity...

The too simple song structures - for my linking - end up in a big blur to me, and nothing sticks out and makes me stop and think about the passage I've just heard. The songs are heavy and dark as shit, the atmosphere is gloomy and I am sure that fans of bands like Monster Magnet might find some kind of excitement here - I am sadly enough just plain and simple bored...

Sorry - Not my cup of tea at all, and even after numerous spins in my CD-player nothing sticks out and I suggest you listen to their songs on Myspace and before you pass judgement on this very, very special sound universe!

01. Welcome to the War
02. Domino
03. Gertrudestein
04. Sweet Idol
05. Spinning
06. Color & Light
07. Fabulous Machine
08. Vanity
09. The End of Nowhere
Label: None
Distribution: None
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 26th 2007
Website: http://myspace.com/xcentrikuniverse