Wizard's Hymn
Wings of Time & The Call From the Unknown

Release date: 2004
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Wizard's Hymn
Website: sound.jp/wizards-hymn
Power Metal

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Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
April 30th 2006

Wizard’s Hymn is a Power Metal band from Japan, and they have released three demos - the first one is called “Through the Wilderness”, and it was released in the beginning of 2004 and contains four tracks. The other two demos was also released in 2004, the “Wings of Time” demo contains three tracks and “The Call From the Unknown” only contains two.  

The title track on “Wings of Time” is a speedy affair somewhere between Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica, second track “Firestorm” is a straightforward mid-tempo Heavy Metal song, last song “A Drop of the Ocean” is again finest Melodic Speed Metal that even sounds like Nightwish at times, because of the great vocals from female vocalist Kimiko Shirao.  

On “The Call From the Unknown” both songs are held in mid-tempo, and there are more Neo-Classical influences than on “Wings of Time”, I have to say that I personally like the “Wings of Time” demo more than this one.  

Wizard’s Hymn are currently recording their debut album, if they will follow the path from the “Wings of Time” demo they will surely deliver a great Power Metal album.  

“Wings of Time” 80/100
“The Call From the Unknown” 60/100  

Recommended tracks: “Wings of Time”, “Firestorm” & “A Drop of the Ocean”.