Promo 2007
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: May 1st 2007

Warnipples hails from Italy and the 5 musicians are hiding themselves behind quite funny names; The Manguusss (Guitars), Sgt. Nipple (Drums), Andy Nipple (Vocals), Fa Deluxe (Guitars) and Flex Stevens (Bass).


Well… I’m familiar with 2 of the musicians in Warnipples namely “Andy Nippleand “Flex Stevens”. I can reveal that they are in fact Andrea Marchisio (singer in Italian Power Metal band Highlord) and Stefano Droetto (guitarist in Highlord).


This promo-CD I’m sitting here with contains 3 songs and quite different from the music of Highlord. We are talking raw and dirty Hard Rock… quite suitable for a ride on your motorbike. Andrea Marchisio… or let’s say Andy Nipple’s vocals are also quite different from the way he uses his voice in Highlord. His singing is more rough and aggressive, but it suits this dirty and sleazy Hard Rock fine.


It’s a little hard to judge a band on only 3 songs, right? But I must admit that this is quite refreshing. I hope that they in the near future get the opportunity to record a full length album and I’ll be standing first in line to check it out.


Visit their website and check them out if you’re into dirty Hard Rock. Just think, Sleazy Hard Rock and a club full of big bearded bikers and I think you get an idea of the sound and style of Warnipples.

Label: Self produced
Provided by: Warnipples
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 10th 2007
Website: www.warnipples.org