The Burning
Every Knee shall Bow and every Tongue Confess

Release date: February 2006
Label: Promo
Distribution: No

Style: Deathcore

Rating: 79/100
Cover artwork rating: 60 /100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 9th 2006

Danish metal is in a good stream right now. The lead characters in this new wave of Danish metal are of course Hatesphere, Mercenary, Mnemic, Raunchy, Volbeat and Illdisposed among others, but there are other bands out there who are cooking up some nasty stuff for us.  

One of these bands is The Burning from Aarhus. Their 2006 promo contains three songs that blend hardcore and death metal. The blend is quite successful and leaves you with the feeling that there’s more to be heard from The Burning in the future. The music is not ultra-tight, but it has a charmingly brutal feel.  

If you like stomping death metal mixed with hardcore, check out The Burning’s site.