Astral Kingdom
The Astral Kingdom
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: October 12th 2007

Swedish band Astral Kingdom was formed back in 2003 and they have released 3 demos; ‘Power Metal Through The Universe’ (2006), ‘Into The Fire’ (2007) and their latest ‘The Astral Kingdom’ released late 2007.


I have been listening to their latest effort for the past 9 days or so... and their music could very well be labelled as Melodic Power Metal and Astral Kingdom somehow reminds me of Axenstar, Celesty and even Insania.


Astral Kingdom have improved a bit from ‘Into The Fire’ and even though you can’t call their music groundbreaking, and I get the feeling that I have  heard it all before, but yet I like the 5 songs there are to be found. I’m especially fond of “Escape Your Fate” and “Standing in the Light”. Two songs that contains choruses that sticks like glue and proves that this band has the potential.

A record deal can’t be far away if they can continue to release songs in that quality.


Melodic Power Metal fans should definitely check this band out now.

01. Face Your Demons
02. Escape Your Fate
03. The Astral Kingdom
04. Standing in the Light
05. The Field of Honour
Label: None
Provided by: Astral Kingdom
Artwork rating: 53/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 24th 2008