Release date: Summer 2006
Self produced
Progressive Metal

Rating: 55/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
July 9th 2006

Tears from Greece is back with 4 new promo songs, but there really isn't much to judge by... total playing time is only a mere 11:20 minutes, and only 2 of the songs can pass as a real song.

First up is the title track "Emptiness" (3:48), which picks up where the band left us with "Falling Certainty" in 2005 - good melodies, interesting and at times hard pounding guitars and some freaky keyboards. Good song.
Second song and the best song on the album "I Promise you" shows a more mature band capable of finding a good balance between acoustic parts and more heavy and progressive parts. Good song.
Third song "I Can't Forgive what Both You're Done" - ehh what? - is just a short interlude - in this case as an outro to "I Promise you". A small piece with nice vocals, acoustic guitars and piano. OK.
To finish things is a small classical inspired piano outro "An Ending - A Grace" (0:31). Decent, a bit boring actually.

I wish they had chosen to put more songs on this promo, because it's quite hard to judge them on 2 songs and then some. I think they show some promise, and if they continue in the direction of "I Promise you" - along with their best moments off "Falling Certainty" like "Self Destruction" and "Time Master", then I am sure we'll hear about them again...

Once more the production is only mediocre at best, the drum sound is awful, the guitars, keyboards and vocals are decent, the bass is, well it's not there... but this is after all only a promo disc, so I think it's OK.

I look forward to see what direction they choose in the future, because their style is rather unique and I can only recommend you to take a listen to some of their songs - available on their homepage.