Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
Label: None / Self-produced
Style: Progressive Metal

Falling Certainty

Tears is a bunch of young guys of Greek origin hailing from the south of England - Southampton to be exact. "Falling Certainty" is their debut demo EP.

And I think it's a cool introduction they offer us here - 22 minutes of progressive metal divided into 6 tracks. First off we are treated with "Things Imaginary", a good song with a nice piano intro and a good song structure, overall a nice introduction to Tears. Next up is "Self Destruction Part I", which is a small intro to the main song on this EP: "Self Destruction" - a 11 minutes monumental epic song, that at times reminds a bit of Eternity X. Track number 5 "Time Master" is the hardest song on the EP, and my personal favorite, a good song with a lot of power, but still very progressive. Finally we get a cool outro with "A Beginning After Each End" - with some very nice acoustic guitars.

The EP does however suffer from a rather dull production, I would have preferred the guitars a bit more upfront, but overall I think the sound is OK for a demo EP. Tears are not afraid to use keyboards, piano or acoustic guitars to carry their songs, and I think they have put out a good demo EP here ... so if you are open to new progressive metal, then I suggest you should check them out.

Link: www.tearsband.org