Release date: 2005
Label: Self produced
Provided by: StrangeLand

Style: Heavy Metal/Rock

Rating: See review
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: January 30th 2006

StrangeLand hails from Illinois in the USA, the five guys in the band founded StrangeLand in 2000.

This 3-track demo is the first release from StrangeLand, and the 3 tracks are pretty diverse.
Track no. 1 “The Enemy has Fallen” is a mixture of Dio and mid eighties melodic metal, the chorus in this song is just phenomenal.
Track no. 2 “Jesus Walk” are not nearly as strong as “The Enemy has Fallen” it sounds more like a Guns 'n'  Roses/Ratt tune.
Track no. 3 “Savior, Jesus Christ” is more like a mixture of the first two tracks, but still the Guns 'n' Ratt influences are obvious.

As you might have guessed from the song titles we have to do with a Christian metal band. Hopefully when StrangeLand are going to write some new tunes, they will follow the style from “The Enemy has Fallen” that song kicks serious a##.

I will not give a rating based on 3 tracks.  

Recommended track: “The Enemy has Fallen”  - just press repeat.