Here In Hell

Release date: 2005
Label: Own production

Style: Thrash Metal

Rating: 92/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
November '05

It is apparent that American quartet Skullshifter has an extremely professional approach to their music. The layout of their self-produced demo EP and accompanying promo material looks like a million and appears as professional as anything you might get from the labels. The disc is mixed by Brit Simon Efemey who was involved with Napalm Death and Paradise Lost. And not only that, Skullshifter’s thrash metal is 100% waterproof.

The band treats us with three tight thrash tunes, “I, Punishment”, “Engines” and “Here in Hell”. Unquestionably reminiscent of primarily Prong and Pantera, the sound on “Here In Hell” bears witness to a band that must have grown up with the sound of the late eighties/early nineties metal, and for someone like yours truly, this is the dog’s bollocks. It moves, it grooves and it’s tight as hell. Try it!