Sabinas Rex
The Legacy of Saints (Demo 2005)

Release date: October 2005
Label: Not yet
Distributed by: See website

Style: Atmospheric synth metal

Rating: 65/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
December '05

Reviewing a disc like this is difficult. You can hear a lot of frankly astonishing details and ideas but the execution lacks a lot. When you hold the CD in your hands and listen to the music, there is no doubt that Sabinas Rex from New York is a special crew with fine ideas.  

Most impressive on the CD are actually the keyboard parts. Tons of atmosphere, intelligently put together. Also some of the female vocal parts are hauntingly good, almost in the same class as Enya, Clannad or Capercaillie, whereas the vocal contributions by two of the male members of the band are less impressive. They entirely lack the dynamics it takes to make this kind of music really interesting.  

The overall sound on the CD is horrendous - more or less like a live rehearsal room recording thatís been driven through an MP3 filter of some sort. This is a shame since the band obviously has qualities that deserve to be nurtured. But do check out the samples on the bandís website Ė you might like it.