Project Morfeo

Release date: January 2006
Trostlos Records
Atmospheric Gothic

Rating: 38/100
Reviewed by:
Benny Skou
June 29th 2006

I really don’t know what to say about this CD. Every time I try to listen to it, I quickly find myself doing something else. Sometimes even going shopping or repairing my bike. Then I come back and realize that the CD is still running and think: “Oh yeah, I was supposed to listen to that for the review”, and start doing something else again.

Sure, the style is as claimed “elements of Gothic, Hard Rock and Electronica (…) with ambient intermissions”. Except to me it has more “ambient intermissions” than all of the other elements combined. Yawn.

Where was I? Oh yes, the review! Well, to me this sounds like the entire CD is meant as background music in a computer game. Some of it might even qualify as background music for the rolling credits after some movie. But none of it ever rises above the term “background music”.

It’s not like the CD sucks as such, it’s just extremely uninteresting. It doesn’t move anywhere. It doesn’t get me into any mood. It’s like it’s just not there at all.