Pedestrians of Blue

Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '05
Label: FishFarm Records / Self-produced
Style: Melodic Hard Rock

The Second Monologue

Pedestrians of Blue is a young Norwegian band, and "The Second Monologue" is as the title almost gives away their second demo - the first one "Circles of Butterflies - The First Monologue" was released back in 2002, and received a lot of favourable reviews all over the world.

Now they are ready with their next assault on the music community - and everything seems to be in place here, from the classy package, the cool autumn inspired picture on the cover, to the excellent production - recorded in their own studio, mixed by Geir Luedy and just to makes matters count mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in Finland . So the sound and package is in place, but how about the music?

3 songs, 13:29 minutes worth of music is on offer here, starting with "The Garden" - a strong opener with it's cool sequencers and Johannes Støles excellent vocals, very good guitar work from Torfinn Sirnes - just take a listen to the cool lead. I like how the combine hard driven guitars and sequencers here. "Father & Son" is up next, this one has a more gothic feel to it, again the song shows how great a combo Torfinn & Johannes makes, the middle break with it's classical inspired tunes are very cool, another nice song. "World of Things" finish this very nice experience off, another strong melodic song - this one a bit more progressive than the others - displaying another fine example of good musicianship and strong melody lines ...

I am highly impressed with this 3 song demo, they clearly knows their strengths and explores them wisely on this demo. If you are into melodic rock, Queensryche around the "Promised Land"-era or just good melodic rock songs, then I suggest you should check this up and coming band out!