Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '05
Label: No Deal Records / Self-produced
Style: Kick ass raw melodic metal

Hail the Kingdom

Can anyone remember when there actually was a big and booming metal scene in LA? Yeah, I am talking about the hair metal, sleaze or glam scene in LA, which was booming almost 20 years ago! The scene was almost split into 2 camps - the raw in your face, down to earth type metal bands and the pretty boy, big hair type of metal. Overloaded, who hails from steel city Detroit, have their strong roots in the raw in your face metal scene, with bands like Love/Hate, Bang Tango, LA Guns, Cinderella and even Guns 'n' Roses, just to name a few ... you know the kind of raw, but still nice, melodic metal.

"Hail the Kingdom" is their debut demo CD, and shows a strong unit, that is not afraid of showing their roots, and they are playing good fun rock 'n' roll with a lot of conviction! 7 very good songs, played with a lot of energy, which keeps the listener captured throughout the entire 25 minutes of music. Vocalist Chris Gillen is one of those raw singers you either love or hate - reminds quite a bit of Jizzy Pearl in his vocal approach - and I must say that I like his singing on this CD.

So if you need a shot of good old fun, high energy glam rock, then there is no way around Overloaded! No band has in the past 10 years delivered anything close to anything the bands mentioned above did back in "the good old days" - UNTILL NOW! Because this CD will surely bring back fond memories to all glam metal fans, so do you a favour and support this up and coming glam metal band ... NOW!

I have also had the opportunity to listen to 4 new, yet unreleased songs from Overloaded, and they continue to build on the foundations laid down with "Hail the Kingdom", and the new songs are a tad better. So the future looks bright for this bunch - hopefully some record label remembers the past and picks this band up soon...

Link: www.overloadedmusic.com