Mechanical God Creation
...And the Battle becomes War
Style: Death Metal
Release date: March 2007

Mechanical God Creation from Italy was formed in October 2006 when Simo (Guitar, vocals)

and Lucy (Vocals) met in a forum. They were both eager to form a Extreme Metal band and

they were soon joined by Jambra (Drums), Evilgaranz (Guitar) and Andrea on Bass.


We get 4 tracks on their first demo release... well... 3 tracks, the first track works like a

intro for “Battlefield Carnage”. What we get is aggressive Death Metal recorded at Larsen Forge Studios. Mechanical God Creation does show potential even though they’re not up there with the best Death Metal bands yet.


The production is okay and their music is powerful and simple... and I really like both Simo’s and Lucy’s vocals.

Lucy’s voice is aggressive and in your face, and I couldn’t believe my ears the first time I heard her voice... is this really a woman singing??? Well, yes it is... no opera here my friends.

As for Simo’s voice I can tell you that there are awful growlers, okay growlers, and excellent

growlers... Simo belongs to the best of them in my humble opinion... his voice is really brutal,

and fits the music great.


Track 2, “Battlefield Carnage” and track 4 “I Shall Remain Unforgivin” are both quite good tracks

but I must admit that I find track 3 “Trespass And Kill” a tad messy. The guitar riffs are heard a

million times before and the drumming seem to be out of control... but that’s only a small complaint.

All in all I find that Mechanical God Creation’s demo is an infectious little bugger and a warning of something more potent to come.


Check ‘em out!

Label:    -
Provided by: Mechanical God Creation
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 21st 2007