Shadow of the King

Release date: 2005
Label: Legion Records
Provided by: Legion
Website: www.legion-music.com
Heavy Rock

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: February 7th 2006

Legion is a five-piece traditional heavy rock band from New Jersey, USA and their debut CD “Shadow of the King” is sure to attract some fans of Rainbow, Dio, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath (Ronnie James Dio era).

Joe Adamo, Frank Adamo and Collin Bianchi formed Legion back in 1999. “Shadow of the King” is a killer album with powerful compositions, assisted by equally great musicians.

Just listed to tracks like “The Watcher”, “Medicine Man” or the nearly ten minutes long “Stay Away (From the Night)”, and you will feel like you just took a step back in time, more exactly to the beginning of the eighties.

I think it’s great that new bands like Legion are playing this kind of music here in 2006, and not just following the current trend.

Even the cover artwork on “Shadow of the King” is awesome.

Hopefully there is a record label out there that will pick this great band up.  

Recommended tracks: All.