Restless Hearts
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 2008

JEMINEYE hails from Italy and started out as a MEGADETH cover band called Mechanix. Well... there are only 2 members in JEMINEYE and they have just released a 5 track demo called 'Restless Hearts'. Valentino Valenti is taking care of the vocals and Matteo Marano is responsible for the guitars, programming etc.


The first 2 songs "My Direction" and "Bite Your Pain" are quite good and Metallica and especially

Megadeth comes to mind. Not a bad start. They are slowing down on track 3 "Lust for Death" and somehow this melodic and atmospheric track seems to suit the singer's voice better.


Track 4 "Impossible Reality" is one of the strongest tracks on 'Restless Hearts' with its hypnotic riffs and a short but very melodic guitar solo. The last track "A Way For Tomorrow" doesn't do much for me but all in all I'm not disappointed with this 5 track demo.


I could have wished for a heavier production but let's see what they can come up with on their next release.


Check 'em out.


01. My Direction
02. Bite Your Pain
03. Lust For Death
04. Impossible Reality
05. A Way For Tomorrow

Label: Self-release
Provided by: Jemineye
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: September 8th 2008