Two Faced World

Release date: 2004
Label: Own production
Provided by:
Heavy / Power Metal

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: January 29th 2006

Infearior from Bremen, Germany was formed back in 1998, and released a four track Demo called “Times of Ignorance” in 1999.

They have played live with Eternal Reign, Savallion Dawn and on the Bleeding for Metal Festival in Hannover. The first thing I noticed on “Two Faced World” was the great cover artwork by Markus Vesper. On “Two Faced World” Infearior delivers a mixture of progressive power metal and US power metal (Mystic Force & Winters Bane).

Most of the ten tracks on “Two Faced World” are great and sounds very tight, especially “The Black Silhouette” with a doomy touch, “Helpless” almost sounds like Forbidden in some places and the nine minute “The Cage Within”.

The sound on “Two Faced World” isn’t the best in the world, but how many young bands can afford to have Fleming Rasmussen to produce their demos?

This is a great first full-length album from Infearior; their second album should be out sometime later this year. The demo is available from the bands homepage.

May the power of metal be with you!!