Crawling Quietly

Release date: 2006
Label: Self Produced
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Melancholic Melodic Metal

Rating: 82/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 28th 2006

The story of Incendium started in 1997 as Black Shrine but after one demo and line-up changes the name was changed to Incendium. The music of Incendium changed from Melo-Death to the more melodic and mellow side of Metal and they released 3 demos called; “Demo” (1999), “After Silence” (2003) and “When the Daylight is Gone” (2005).

“Crawling Quietly” is their fourth demo and it turned out to be a little harder than “When The Daylight Is Gone”. The music is still “Melancholic Melodic Metal” but the vocals are at times a little more aggressive.

This kind of music needs a few spins in the CD-player before it really blossoms and most bands tend to sound the same and tend to be very boring, but Incendium are a nice exception in my humble opinion.

They create atmospheric, emotional melodies with catchy choruses but still they keep the Melancholic side intact. I could write a very long and very boring review of the 5 songs there is to be found on “Crawling Quietly” but I don’t see any point of doing that……so I will end this short review by telling you that, if you are into Melancholic Melodic Metal do your self a favour and check this band out.

Don’t be scared away by the music… give it a chance and let it grow and you will discover a great band with great potential. - More of that, please!