The Hidden Door
Style: Progressive Metal / Rock
Release date: 2007

You have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run... 'The Hidden Door' is the first sign of life from this Italian band, based in Genoa, and you can say that they have reached the stages where you are able to stand on your own feet but have to use tables and chairs to be able to do so...

Five songs, and a little more than 26 minutes worth of material is what they offer us to judge their potential and skills. There are plenty of fine bits and pieces on the disc showing a band that has a clear vision on where they want to take their music, and they do have the skills and determination to get there, but there is still a lot of road ahead of them before they reach their goals.

The production is so-so and the music do suffer some from this, but mind you this is a demo, produced and mixed by Tommy Talamance, and even though the sound could be better this is still ok for a demo release.

The songs written by guitarist Marco Manzani are developed around Marco's melodies and vocalist Francesco Filippone's lyrics telling the first chapter of a bigger story about the fictional character of Lord Myor, whose task it is to bring peace to lands of Maraween.

There is clearly a lot of talent hidden in this band, but they do have some work cut out for them. The arrangements need some work, and the band is a not as tight as I could wish for. But the potential for something bigger is there, and I am sure that hard work in the rehearsing room will help them get closer to their goals.

An approved start for an up and coming band that might make a stir in the scene some time down the road; they are just not there yet!

01. Nordic Sea
02. Trinity Necklace
03. Abyss
04. Escape
05. Temple of Heroes
Label: None
Provided by: Geminy
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 6th 2008