Fuoco Fatuo

Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, July '05
Label: None / Self-produced
Style: Progressive Metal

Tenebra's Dream / Of Light and Dark

Progressive metal played Italian style is what Fuoco Fatuo has to offer the hungry metal community. This promo disc contains songs from their "Tenebra's Dream" demo from 2002 and their "Of Light and Dark" demo from 2004. Strangely enough it contains all of the songs from their first demo, but only half of the songs from their second demo - missing is the cover-versions of "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" (Iron Maiden), "The Mirror" (Dream Theater) and "E Lucean le stelle" (Puccini).

The cover-versions might give you an indication of the musical direction these 5 Italians are taking - there is a decent cover-version of Blind Guardians "Imagination from the Other Side" on this release as well. And I must admit, that at first I thought it was very mediocre and boring, but then I put my bias aside and started to listen to the music without letting the bad sound and production spoil everything for me. Because especially the first demo suffers quite a bit from a mediocre production, which plays a prominent role in vocal and choirs department.

But after I had listened to it a few times, and solely based on talent and musicianship, I had to admit, that this band does have something to offer ... good solid song writing combined with talented musicians is always a good combination. G. Pilato is a very gifted guitar player, and he delivers some excellent riffs, licks and soli, and the rest of his supporting cast doesn't lack talent either ... I really like how they always leaves room for the bass to be very upfront in the sound.

Weak link in the line-up is sadly enough the vocalist A. Ferrante, I think he lacks some range and the result is some awful choirs, but things pick up a bit on the second demo, and he has clearly progressed in the right direction.

A short intro, 7 decent to good songs ("Human's Hutopia", "Last Illusion", "Messiah" and "Of Light and Dark") along with the before mentioned Blind Guardian song is on offer on this promo, but check out the bands very cool and informal homepage for further information. Do give this up and coming band a shot ...

Link: www.fuocofatuo.it