For Ruin

Release date: Late summer 2005
Label: Demo
Distribution: For Ruin

Style: Black / Death Metal

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
November '05

An air of Bathory surrounds this demo CD from Irish For Ruin. Not only is For Ruin the work of one man, John Murphy, just like Quorthon was the architect behind Bathory, there is also the brutal underground rawness, accented drumming, yet with the occasional penchant for melody, even beauty present throughout.

The 28 minutes of music on the CD proves that Murphy is an obvious talent and an asset to the metal underground. This is only his second demo, and if I am to believe the reviews, the learning curve since the first demo has been considerable. If this continues, For Ruin will be more than ready for the masses very soon, trust me on this one.

Go to and listen to the samples from the demo it is worth your time.