Future is Tomorrow
The New Messiah
Release date: N.A.
Label: None
Distribution: None
Website: www.futureistomorrow.it
Style: Old School power metal
Rating: 69/100
Cover artwork: N.A.
Reviewed by: Jesper Lysgaard
Date: January 15th 2006

Future Is Tomorrow is an Italian outfit with the following lineup:
Max – vocals
Gadjet – guitars, vocals
Pablic – guitars, vocals
Field – bass
Grave – drums  

This self-financed EP is a typical low-budget demo-production recorded in two different studios and mixed in a third. The sound is, given the circumstances, very defined and clear but misses the dynamics a better studio certainly would provide. I know it is unfair to compare this with a “real” production so I won’t.

Musically I hear inspiration from Savatage, Iron Maiden, Queensr˙che and perhaps a little of Dream Theater - but with a very dry old school sound.

There is no question that the guys from “Future Is Tomorrow” like what they do, and their material is well composed and well performed though I think that a couple of years more in the rehearsal room would do the band good both technically and compositional.

Most of the tracks on the EP are good ‘craftsmanship’ - but I am not shaken, provoked or attacked in any sense. Sure - it is power metal – but tear me a little more apart…..please.

When these guys sit down to write material for their next album, which I am looking forward to hear, I hope that they will impose more wildness and pain - provoke me a little – no a lot.

Recommended: "The New Messiah" (He he - the intro voice sounds, probably unintended, just like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons - great) & "The Nameless One".