Run Baby Run
Style: Rock
Release date: 2007

When producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween/HateSphere/Illdisposed) is involved, it usually means that thereís something worth listening to. This is also the case with the 7-track promo from Danish rock outfit Expendables.


Most of our Danish readers (and some the German) will know D.A.D. and Sandmen, and for fans of those bands, thereís definitely something worth checking out here. Listen for example to the track Dirty Miss Daisy where vocalist Bjorn P sounds like a true copy of Jesper Binzer from D.A.D. Or the beginning of Run Baby Run that couldíve been taken from one of Sandmenís better releases before it turns into a hardrock piece with a thing or two in common with Slaughter from the early Nineties.


With the variation and range he displays on the songs of this promo, Bjorn P could very well turn into one of the better rock voices in Denmark.


The only thing about this promo that really puts me off is the track So Sexy, where Expendables turn into an Aerosmith boogie-ballad nightmare. Yiiikes!


Otherwise good times rockíníroll with well-structured tunes and a good, full sound.

01. Second Chance
02. Dirty Miss Daisy
03. Run Baby Run
04. Everytime
05. When Luck Find [sic] Its Way
06. So Sexy
07. Painfilled Eyes
Label: None
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 1st 2007
Website: www.expendables.dk