Rating: 51/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, July '05
Label: No
Style: Good old-fashion black-ish metal with a twist of King Diamond

Promo 2005

Exekrator is a three-piece from the darkest pits of the underground of Copenhagen, Denmark. The name of the game is black metal of sorts.

Their promo is a combination of new material and material from the EP ďSuperstitious MaleficiaeĒ (2004), and to be honest, you have to be in the mood for this. Itís not pretty in any way, especially Tue Brissonís vocals can be a pain if you donít have one of your King Diamond days. His voice sounds a lot like the King, just not with the same cool. The production of the songs is raw and thin, Iím tempted to say sloppy, and itís a shame because I think that a lot of the bandís ideas would work with a nice and fat production (and a real drummer?!?). The most interesting tune among the four new ones is definitely ďEx DraconisĒ, a seven minutes piece with greater variation both musically and in Brissonís use of his voice.

Ironically, the older material from the EP stands out fresher and stronger than the new, even though the production/mix is well-nigh horrendous for a release that has actually been put out on vinyl.

Exekrator is looking for a permanent drummer, so give them a call if you know how to beat the skins.

Link: www.exekrator.com

See also www.fullmoonlycanthropy.dk, the site for guitarist Henrik Engkjśrís other band, Full Moon Lycanthropy, who, in my humble opinion have slightly more to offer than Exekrator.