Endagered Reign

Rating: 88/100

Reviewed by: Jřrgen Ditlev, September '05
Label: Self-produced
Style: US Metal / Thrash

Unborn Legacies

Endangered Reign hails from Michigan in the States, “Unborn Legacies” is their third demo CD in five years, and the first two are called “Demo” (great name) & “Fallen Breeze”.

“Unborn Legacies” is one of those albums that take you back in time, back to a time that were ruled by bands like Forbidden, Testament & Iron Maiden (they still rule). “Unborn Legacies” sounds like a perfect mixture of the above-mentioned bands, plus a grain of old Fates Warning (John Arch era).

Tracks like “ Desert Island ”, “Silent Train”, “Unborn Legacies” & “ Temple of Reason” (Just to take a few) are all high-class old school US metal. I have seen in some other reviews that they don’t like Marc Ridenour’s vocals, well it’s a bit special, but I think, that it fits the music really well.

“Unborn Legacies” don’t come with the best production in the world, but it’s just as good as the stuff some of the small labels are releasing. Please check out the bands homepage www.endangeredreign.net there you can listen to some of the tracks, and buy the CD’s.

Recommended tracks: See above.