Exploited Innocence
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: September 2005

Fourth demo from Danish Melodic Death Metal band Descensus and a quite good one.

Well... a question is filling my mind... - How on earth can this band be without a record deal?

This 4 track demo called “Exploited Innocence” is way better than 70 % of all Melodic Death Metal releases out there. Just give the tracks a few listens and you’ll know what I mean.


Descensus really know how to write a “catchy” track. We get everything that should be present in this genre. Aggressive Vocals, growls, brutal guitar riffs, melodic guitar riffs, yes everything peppered with “catchy” choruses. Just take a listen to the title-track “Exploited Innocence” and hear how good they are at it.


What also strikes me is that their earlier demos are just as good, so once again the same question about a record deal is filling my mind. The labels can’t afford to avoid this band. Descensus are taking a break at the moment but I hope that they will be back on stage very soon.


If you’re into Melodic death Metal you should definitely check out this band.

Label:  -
Provided by: Descensus
Artwork rating: 68/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 29th 2007