Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: March 2007

CONCHADORS from Turkey was formed in 2003 and have released 2 demos. The first one is called “Sound of the Blank…” (2005) and I’m sitting here with their second one titled “Strange”, released in March 2007.


We get 7 tracks of traditionally Heavy Metal and bands like ROX, old VIRGIN STEELE and SAXON comes to mind when I listen to “Strange”. Well this album isn’t exactly innovative and most of the songs are not that memorable in my opinion. I miss something…a better melody…and the vocals annoys me a bit… rough but annoying. The production could also have been a little better. 


It’s not all bad… there are a few good moments to be found here on “Strange…. just take a listen to “Dominate the world” and you know what I mean. Okay… I admit that this track sound almost exactly like SAXON from their “Denim and Leather” period but I like this track.


Another classic band comes to mind when I listen to track 5 “Painted faces”… namely SCORPIONS, because the intro to this song is fucking close to one of my favorite SCORPIONS tracks; “Coming Home”. Okay song. Well… I also like the riff in track 6 “The Dog”. But that’s about that. CONCHADORS do have to come up with better songs to make it out there in the big world.



Label: Self produced
Provided by: Conchadors
Artwork rating: 25/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 14th 2007