One Step Behind Anger
Release date: August 2006
Label: Corrosive Musik
Provided by: Chaosfear
Style: Thrash Metal
Rating: 42/100
Reviewed by: Benny Rasmussen
Date: January 3rd 2007

This Brazilian bandís debut album features 8 tracks of rather solid thrash metal.

There is clearly a lot of nerve and aggression here. The band even has promising song writing and technical skills. 

But alas! All to no avail, because the sound quality is so poor that you would think the album was recorded using a mobile phone inside a bucket. The drums are the worst. Theyíre simply awful, especially the snare drum, which sometimes sounds like someone tapping the bottom of an empty plastic cup (recorded by a mobile phone inside a bucket). 

I actually feel a bit sad having to score this CD so low, because I think the band might be better than they sound. Itís a shame to have your music ruined by a sound engineer such as Mauro Juliany. I just canít be bothered with poor sound quality. 

In the bin you go...