Chain Collector

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Label: Sound Riot Records
Style: Heavy Metal

Fortcoming Addiction

Chain Collector is from Norway and was formed in 2003. Some of the members in Chain Collector come from other bands, such as Carpathian Forest, Green Carnation and Trail Of Tears.

This Demo was recorded in 2004 in DUB Studio and contains 4 songs: "Wicked Mask", "Winter Princess", "Crucifixion" and "Fallen Angel", and I can tell you that, they are actually quite good. But listen for yourself, because this demo can be downloaded from the Chain Collector website, so please do yourself a favour and go check it out!

Chain Collector has signed a record contract with Sound Riot Records from Portugal for two albums, and have already recorded a full length album, which is titled "The Masqurade". This album will be out in June and contains 10 songs.

So, if you are into pure Heavy Metal, but still melodic, check Chain Collector out.

Recommended tracks: "Wicked Mask" and "Winter Princess"