The Wheels of Sabbaths

Release date: March 2006
Self produced
Dynamite Rock

Heavy Metal

Rating: 60/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
October 4th 2006

Arriving home from my first day on my new job, what do I find waiting for me in my mailbox? A small package from England, quickly I open it up, just to find a demo CD from a Brazilian band hailing from the state of Paraná.

Confused - well I was... but what really matters is; what's on the CD?
Pure and honest classic heavy metal with strong roots in NWOBHM.
Beltane is a fine example of a young band struggling to find its identity, proving all beginnings are difficult. But they come across with confidence, even though I do find they lack some writing skills, and the vocals could be better.

"The Wheels of Sabbaths" is a semi conceptual album dealing with the 8 Sabbaths (songs 1 thru 8) - from Pagan religion, which is also graphically represented on the album cover. The last 2 songs deal with different stuff. The album has been recorded old school way, no samples, triggers or big effects - some find this style cool - I would have preferred a clean sound. But I tip my hat for their beliefs and convictions.

Beltane has been around in one way or another since 1996 and this is their 2nd release, and this album shows a promising band with some limitations, but don't let that scare you away because this is by no means a bad album, just a moderate beginning! And do check out their site for samples and more info.