Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, March '05
Label: None / Self-produced
Style: Heavy Metal / Power Metal

Hard Way

Angrist hails from Spain, and plays a nice combination of British inspired heavy metal and European power metal. They have previously released a demo called "Pain" back in 2000, and has also taken part on a compilation "Musikaos" with the song: "Your Way". This EP has 5 songs and a short intro and a total running time of 25 '44. And contrary to many of their fellow countrymen they have thankfully decided to sing in English, and I think it's a wise decision, because I think a lot of people are scarred off many Spanish outfits, because they have chosen to sing in Spanish.

After a short intro the EP kicks off with the song "Pain" (was also on their first demo), and it's a nice straight forward powerful song with a nice flow. Up next is "Your Way" - another powerful song with fast guitars and OK vocal performance by Eddie. Next up is "Awakenings" were we slow things a bit down, with nice acoustic guitars and vocals in the beginning, before the song explodes and becomes fast and furious, this song has some cool twin-guitar leads. "Angrist" is a more mid-tempo song with some fast parts, good leads - the song is inspired by JRR Tolkien. Last song on the EP is also the longest one of the lot clicking in at 7 '13 - and it's my favorite on the album. "Cyanide" is more laid back, and not as fast as the rest - with a cool almost doomish middlepart - before the song fades out with a big choir ... more of this kind please.

The CD has an OK production, the guitars are a bit thin and it's sometimes hard to actually hear, that there's 2 guitarists in the band. The bass on the other hand is thick and in your face, the drums has a nice presence in the soundpicture, and the vocals disappear in bit at times in the thick rhythm sound. But overall I think the production is as good as you can expect from a demo CD.

Angrist is a talented band on the right track, they do however need to focus on what direction they want to take their music. That said I think, this is a good start, not excellent or anything, but as I said a good start ....