7 Seals

Release date: 2005
Label: Private pressing
Provided by: 7 Seals
Website: www.7-seals.de
Epic Power Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: February 13th 2006

The Germans should be proud of their metal scene. From Rebellion to Sieges Even, and from Sacred Steel to Running Wild this country seems to be having one of the best metal scenes in the world.  

And with 7 Seals there’s a new great band from Germany , and they have just unleashed their first demo called “Mooncurse” on the world. “Mooncurse” holds five tracks and a short intro.  

As with most power metal, epic and memorable choruses are a big part of this band’s sound. These are actually some of the catchiest choruses I have ever heard.  

They manage to keep things heavy, and the choruses while catchy, definitely isn’t what I would consider cheesy. What makes this album work is an outstanding combination of heaviness and melody. Personally I thought that the fastest material had the biggest impact, it sounds like a hybrid of Morifade and Blind Guardian.  

The best thing on ”Mooncurse” is the co-operation between the two singers Hilke Saathoff and Markus Wagner, they just sound awesome together. Great album, I’m looking forward to the first full length from 7 Seals.  

Recommended tracks: “The Necromancer” & “Prophecies of Nostradamus”.