Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, August '05
Label: Locomotive
Style: 1980s melodic power metal


Now, what do you get when you combine a talented, Brazilian singer and a bunch of likewise talented celebrities from the metal community?

Answer: A perfectly well-executed melodic power metal album which offers absolutely nothing new.

The slick and updated production set aside, Tribuzy’s album could easily have been from somewhere between 1986 and 1990 and it’s no use trying to conceal the fact that the main inspirations for this album are the milestones of metal produced by Helloween, Priest and Maiden during said period.

Most notable among the guest stars are Bruce Dickinson and former Helloween vocal wonder Michael Kiske (didn’t he abandon metal altogether?!?).

Everything on this album is unashamedly lifted off the metal classics. Now you know.

Instead of spending your hard-earned savings on this album, I would recommend that you check out the back catalogue of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Helloween pre-Debris and moreover that we get Kiske back in Helloween a.s.a.p. (please).

Recommended: “Absolution” (not because it’s a particularly well-executed song, but because it’s really nice to hear Kiske’s voice again) and “Beast in the Light” (because the voice of everyone’s favourite air raid siren can lift any mediocre tune).