Place Vend˘me
Place Vend˘me
Release date: October 7th 2005
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock
Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November '05

It's just sad, that Michael Kiske's way of life and views on life aren't compatible with metal. Since leaving Helloween he has become a born again Christian and has some very strong and rather radical views on the metal scene, and has more than once said that he would never sing on another metal album again...

So one might ask why he's singing on Dennis Ward's (Pink Cream 69) side project? Well he proves just what a magnificent rock vocalist he is! Only bordering to metal this album is just good fun melodic rock filled with wonderful melodies and Kiske's excellent voice.

Often it reminds of cool bands like Tyketto and XYZ in their heydays! And if you are a sucker for good melodies, then put this cool album on your shopping list. Kiske delivers his best performance since "Keepers of the Seven Keys, Part II", which was back in 1988 and Dennis Ward has written and produced 10 excellent melodic songs, so what's holding you back...?

Recommended tracks: "Cross the Line", "I Will Be Waiting", "The Setting Sun" & "Place Vend˘me" .