Zero Hour

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, July '03 
Label: Sensory Records
Style: Progressive Metal


Some of you might be familar with some of the stuff on this disc, because it's the reissue of Zero Hour's self-released debut mini-CD from 1998, with the addition of "Rebirth", "A Passage", "Eyes Of Denial" (in a demo version) and demo-version of "Jaded Eyes".

New artwork has also been created for this release, which I really don't understand - I think the old cover is much better, but the new one is perhabs more modern and they have added the lyrics, which were missing on the initial release.

Zero Hour is one of those bands that automatically will be compared to other very technical progressive metal bands like Watchtower, Spiral Architect and Power Of Omens, but they don't have to be shy in this comparision because they are all very skillful musicians and write excellent songs.

The 5-part epic title-track is the cornerstone on this album, and really displays the bands great musicianship and abillity to write complex and exciting songs, but the whole album is absolutely worth listening to, so if you don't have their mini-CD, then you should get this one.