White Willow

Rating: 55/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '04
Label: The Laser's Edge
Style: Progressive Rock

Storm Season

"Storm Season" is the fourth album from White Willow from Norway. White Willow is the biggest selling progressive rock act from the acclaimed Laser's Edge label. I am not familar with their previous albums, and after listening to this album some times, I am not that keen to listen to them either!

Why not, one might ask? Well, sure they are a very talented bunch of norwegian musicians, with a high musical level. And eventhough Sylvia Erichsen on vocals is very talented and skillful and does an excellent job on this album, and the production is great - one thing has to be right as well ... the music, right?

And not one single track on this album stands out in my mind, nothing moves me at all ... a bit sad because Sylvia has a great voice, but it's simply not enough to make this album interesting. I would compare them with newer and softer stuff from The Gathering - great vocals, but the music is boring and meaningless.

Best thing about this release is the excellent artwork done by Killustrations.com - a beatiful cover, that Hugh Syme (Rush, Fates Warning, Megadeth etc.) couldn't have made better - but you really don't buy an album based on that.