Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, December 04
Label: DVS Records

Style: Progressive Metal

Element V

Does anyone remember Vauxdvihl's "To Dimension Logic", one the most unique and sadly overlooked progressive metal albums of all time? Or how about Lanfear's "Zero Poems"? If you, like me, love those 2 albums, then you are going to love this one as well!

I am pretty sure the term unique and original will be used a lot in connection with Voyager, because they play a kind of metal, that sounds like no other band! Their unique style is a great mixture of so many different sounds, that to label them is almost impossible ...

The basics are:

  • An Australian heavy metal band playing great music!

  • 14 very unique and different songs!

  • Excellent production

  • Great musicianship

All right, that can be said about so many metal bands, but what makes this album so special? Like the beforementioned bands, you never know what kind of stuff they have incorporated into their music - here an example of my thoughts: "hey wait a minute was that German? Yeah narration in German, and now he's actually singing in German as well". And not only does Danny Estrin sing in different languages, he uses his voice as an extra instrument - singing clean and melodic at one point, just to switch to powerful vocals and there is even room for some black metal vocals as well. This illustrates just how diverse the vocals are ... but to describe the music is almost impossible ... there's straight forward melodic metal songs, classic metal songs, songs with folk influences, spacy prog songs, an acapella piece and the music ranges from melodic to aggressive, there some gothic, some black metal, some melodic metal influences and and ... I could continue to list influences on this album.

Hats off to DVS Records - once more they have picked one the most exciting and unique new bands in Voyager! The album was originally relased in 2001 in Australia (by 78 Records), and I can't wait to listen to the progression from this awesome band on their next album!

This is one the most unique release in a very long time, and I would only suggest people with an very open mind to check this album out. But if you are up for a huge challenge, then look no further, because this album is worth your attention. And I just hope people take the time needed to let this awesome album sink in ...

Recommended tracks: "Cosmic Armageddon Pt. 1 & Pt. 2" & "The Eleventh Meridian"