Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '04
Label: Sound Riot Records
Style: Thrash Metal

Vile, Vicious & Victorious

This album is hard hitting thrash metal with a death metal growler. Musically this is old school thrash like we are used to from the likes of Slayer and Testament, straigt ahead, hard punding, speedy thrash.

Very well played and well produced. You get 35 minutes fast and furious metal, that almost never slows down - only "Boots Of Led" is slowing down a bit.

But one thing I can't understand is why they've chosen a death metal vocalist? I hate his voice, and he does no justice to the music, sad but true! And that's why it fails to impress me ....

Recommended tracks: "Life Corrupted" and "A Vicious Mind"