Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '04
Label: AFM records
Style: Heavy Metal


U.D.O. are back with a brand new album and it all continues in the same style as before,
and again this time they have managed to make an very good CD.

It opens with the titletrack "Thunderball", which is a fast and aggressive song, and an overall feeling of Accept in their prime time is in fact present. Iím very fund of this track.
Then comes "The Arbiter!" a slower song with a riff that reminds me of the "Deathrow" album. Ok song.
Next up is "Pull The Trigger" a nice smelling Accept tune. Once again an okay track.
Then we have one of my favourites of this album, "Fistful Of Anger". I like everything about it. Great riff ... great solo and a killer chorus.
Next is "The Land Of The Midnight Sun" and here the tempo is being brought down slightly. This song is no less than great. A galloping riff, a good bridge up to an extremely catchy refrain with major sing along potential.
"Hell Bites Back" is the title of the next track, a straight forward tune and again with a killer chorus. This is 100% pure Heavy Metal.
Next is "Trainride In Russia". Starting with accordion and with Udo backed by a choir singing in Russian - yes in Russian. It builds up to a complete Russian polka/tango-rock song and it contains a fantastic chorus, the best chorus on this release. A very different sounding song, but very, very good.
"The Bullet And The Bomb" reminds me of "Balls To The Wall" and the "Deathrow" CD. Listen to the part just before the solo - HEAVY as hell. The solo is very weird and I really mean weird. - I like that song!
"The Magic Mirror" is next. This is great stuff. Again clean vocals by Udo which leads us up to one of the catchiest refrains on this album. I just love this song. And the guitar-solo fits the track very well.
Then comes a track that Iím sure Iíve heard before "Tough Luck II". The weakest track on this CD. Could belong somewhere on "Holy". Ok song but not great.
"Blind Eyes" is a worthy closer that rounds everything off with a great chorus in the veins of "Azrael" from "No Limits" (1998).

All in all a very good album from U.D.O. and the boys. Nothing new here, just good old fashioned Heavy Metal from one of the best bands in Germany. - Nice work, boys!