Twisted Sister

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, November '04
Label: Drakkar Records
Style: Hard Rock / Heavy Rock

Still Hungry

- I WANNA ROCK !, Dee Snider from Twisted Sister shouted back in 1984, and now 20 years later I can still hear his voice. Because Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry” album from 1984 was one of my favourite albums at that time ... and still is.

And now they are back! Twisted Sister have re-recorded the entire 1984 classic "Stay Hungry" ‘cause back then they weren’t satisfied with the final result. But now, “Still Hungry” (Stay Hungry) sounds like the way it was first envisioned. The new recording of this classic, which sold more than 6 million copies worldwide, is faithful to the original arrangements, but they sound much heavier. 

Jay Jay French (Guitar) explains: - "Still Hungry" is "Stay Hungry" - The Way It Ought to Be.' It has an ultra-heavy sound, which is the way we wanted "Stay Hungry" in the first place. But at that time rock records had a thin, very midrange kind of sound and so "Stay Hungry" was recorded very lightly. We battled Atlantic Records and producer Tom Werman about it, but we lost!

There are 7 more tracks included here on this re-release, on two of these songs, ‘'Never Say Never’' and ‘'Blastin' Fast & Loud”, Twisted Sister used the original drum tracks that A.J. Pero recorded. These two tracks were not finished when “Stay Hungry” was released in 1984. "Heroes Are Hard To Find" is a soundtrack from Dee Snider’s movie “The Strangeland”. "Rock N Roll Saviors" and "Come Back" comes from the 1999 Spitfire Records collection 'Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions. "You Know I Cry", "Plastic Money" and "Come Back" were included on 2001's Spitfire release 'Club Daze Volume II: Live In The Bars'.

- Is it any good? - I think it is! It feels good to listen to all these classic tracks again with a more “warm” and heavy sound! So; do yourself a favour and take a listen to “Still Hungry” and discover this classic Hard Rock album once more!