Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, November '04
Label: Lava Records
Style: Christmas Carol Metal

The Lost Christmas Eve

4th album from a band, that started out as a small side project for Paul O'Neill and the members of Savatage. But the project has grown beyond their biggest expectations, and must now be considered to be their main focus.

The music is still a wonderful combination of classical, jazz, metal and Christmas carols. Might sound like a strange mixture to anyone unfamiliar with their music, but I think they've managed to create a rather unique style, and the music has grown from album to album. This is in my humble opinion their best effort, not that any of their earlier albums were bad.

This is not just another Christmas album, it's also a cool metal album, with great music and songs! It's off course also a nice collection of Christmas songs, classical tunes, some jazz and an overall wonderful experience ... 23 songs, 75 minutes of music ... so you get value for your money on this release.

If you like their previous albums, then I am sure you'll love this one, because this one walks the same paths and is just a little bit better in all aspects.

Recommended tracks: "Queen Of The Winter Night", "Siberian Sleigh Ride", "Back To A Reason (Part II)" and "Christmas Canon Rock"