Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, July '04
Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Style: Symphonic Metal

Lemuria Sirius B

It's not like Christofer Johnsson is without ambitions, because this time around Therion has taken on the task to release no less than 2 albums simultaneously. And we get thrown straight into the wonderful universe of Therion with a very surprising track: "Typhon", which for the first time in a very long time uses a growler, and this is good old Therion stuff. But don't worry, because all the following songs are characteristic Therion metal with wonderful operatic vocals, symphonic melodies and great guitar work. You get the usual shot of folk, wonderfully combined with huge choruses with the use of many vocalists.

Off course there is no shortage of classical influences on this album either, all in all Therion has used no less than 170 guest musicians on this album, and I really think it pays off. Everything is just in place and fits every song perfectly, the production has to be mentioned here, because this package has one of the best metal productions ever, crystal clear, huge soundstage and just brilliant.

Eventhough Therion has a bigger focus on guitar melodies on these albums, it does not mean, that the classical song structures have been sacrificed. If you want to break down the albums, then you'll find "Lemuria" to be the one, where Therion is experimenting a bit, and on "Sirius B" you'll find more straight forward songs.

I think the albums captures the intensity of "Theli", the complexety of "Secret Of The Runes" and with the addition of real orchestration and a brilliant production, you get perhabs the most complete Therion release(s) ever. Of the 2 albums I think "Lemuria" has the strongest songs, but overall I am sure that not a single Therion fan out there will be disappointed! I have rated the release(s) as one because I think most fans will buy both albums at the same time anyhow ....

Recommended tracks: "Typhon", "Three Ships Of Berik", "The Blood Of Kingu" and " The Wonderful World Of Punt"