Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '04
Label: Avalon Records
Style: Melodic Metal

Return To Evermore

Gary Hughes is synonymous with Ten, especially now that Vinny Burns has left the band. And with "Return To Evermore", Ten album number seven , he manages to capture some of the magic from the their early albums like: "The Name Of The Rose" or "The Robe" something that I felt they were missing on their last couple of albums: "Babylon" and "Far Beyond The World".

After his side project "Once And Future King" a 2 part rock opera, released last year, he is returning with a very strong album with the familiar mixture of AOR, melodic metal and hard rock, that made them a well known name in melodic metal in the mid-90's. 70 minutes of very good melodic metal is on offer here, and I really think this is one of the better melodic metal albums so far this year.

13 tracks, excellent production, great melodic songs and Gary's great voice - what more can you ask for, if you are a fan of Ten? Nothing - all I can say is: Welcome back!

Recommended tracks: "Apparition", "Evermore" and "Strangers In The Night"